Last Saturday Phil, Vlad, David and I climbed Mt. Rainier up to Camp Muir. We will take the same route when we go for the summit next month. We climbed 4500 feet in elevation in about 5 hours. It was not easy but we made it. At Camp Muir, elevation 10,400 feet, we had lunch, played bocee ball, and rested before we headed back down the mountain. The elevation hit me at the 9000 ft level. I was short of breathe and exhausted.

Overall the sky was clear, the sun was hot, (even with sunscreen we got burned) and the views were amazing. Check out http://www.krupin.net/gallery/yappa-ng/index.php?album=Muir_with_David_Phil__Jordan , or http://www.flickr.com/photos/jordo/146977190/ for some photos of our hike. I'll put a few in the photo section of this website as well.